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The Wine Rack is a fun project to make and to store four wine bottles and four wine glasses.

Our templates are designed to help makers create products and simplifying the process.  Use a flush trim bit and a double-sided adhesive to copy the template onto wood, repeat until the desired size is created.  Make gifts and sellable merchandise with any of our templates!

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X Fasten Tape:

1/4″ for Details – Flush Trim Bit:

1/2″ for Quick Wood Removal – Flush Trim Bit:

Router Guides for Template Inlays or Dish Platters:

1/4″ End Mill Bit for Dish Platters or Inlays:

1/8″ End Mill Bit for Dish Platters or Inlays:

Our templates are made from acrylic and may have slight imperfections such as scratches, these scratches will not affect the performance of your project.

The template has three parts, the side portion, top wine glass holder portion, and the bottom wine bottle base.

Dimensions: Side Portion:  11.75″ Tall x 9″ Wide x 0.220″ Thick +/-

Dimensions: Base Bottle holder Portion:  17-5/8″ Wide x 2.25″ Tall x 0.220″ Thick +/-

Dimensions: Top Glass Holder Portion: 17-5/8″ Wide x 3″ deep x 0.220″ Thick +/-

*** No refunds will be accepted, if you receive the product damaged from shipping, please contact and provide photos of the damage.

1 review for Wine Rack Template

  1. Domonic Bailey (verified owner)

    The templates helpedmaking the wine rack super easy and man does it look beautiful.

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