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The Jobsite Router FACE PLATE tool is an acrylic plate designed for 6 different compact routers.  The holes have been labeled for the different brands that its compatible with Makita, Ridgid, Ryobi, Dewalt, Bosch, and Milwaukee.  The Faceplate tool also comes with 2 thumb grip handles for that balanced router work.  Use the templates to make the perfect shape hole in plywood or solid wood to create a DIY router table for the garage or field work. Simply flip the router upside down and align the faceplate with your model router and place it in the hole on the plywood.

The Face Plate helps make routing much easier for flush trimming patterns, routing out dish platters or helps to balance out the platform of routing edge profiles.  The acrylic is easy to use and helps one to see down into the area that one would be routing.

Face Plate Tool DIMENSIONS:

10″ Wide +/-

7″ Tall +/-

** Face Plate only for sale **


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Our templates are made from acrylic and may have slight imperfections such as scratches, these scratches will not affect the performance of your project.

*** No refunds will be accepted, if you receive the product damaged from shipping, please contact and provide photos of the damage.



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