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The Growth Chart Template comes with 7 templates… The main chart Growth Template and each number template from 1 -6.  After using all templates to make duplicate copies on to wood, then the pieces slide together to make a giant ruler for tracking growth. This is a fun way to embellish a home decor and keep a record of the height of your kiddos.

Template ONLY for sale.


X Fasten Tape:

1/4″ for Details – Flush Trim Bit:

1/2″ for Quick Wood Removal – Flush Trim Bit:

Router Guides for Template Inlays or Dish Platters:

1/4″ End Mill Bit for Dish Platters or Inlays:

1/8″ End Mill Bit for Dish Platters or Inlays:

The wood used was 3/4″ thick.

* The Template is made from Acrylic and may have slight imperfections, such as scratches but this will not affect the performance of the template.

Dimensions: Bunny

10″ Wide +/-

13″ Tall +/-

0.220″ Thick +/-

*** All sales Final, no refunds.  If you receive the product damaged from shipping, please contact along with photos of the damage.

1 review for Growth Chart Template

  1. Goksel (verified owner)

    Love my new chart Template. Can’t wait to start ,can I email you to ask a question about the Template?

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