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  1. I’m making a desk out of ash. It’s my first big project that I’ve taken all the way from a fallen tree to finished furniture, so I can’t mess this up. You’re the expert on finish as far as I’m concerned. I always just put a clear finish on wood, but looking at this plain, light ash, I know it needs something more. I’ve read a ton and tried different stains on scraps, but it just doesn’t look good to me. How do you do it right?

  2. Hi Ben!! Ash is great to work with and it is very light in color.. my last dining table project was made with Ash, did you happen to see that finish? I wish I could post the pic here but I can’t. I just added it in the Gallery, it’s the second round table pic (next to the one of me with a brown round table). The key for offering an amazing finish is the Restorer! It exposes the natural grains and looks beautiful! I’d recommend using a gray or weathered oak finish on Ash, it’ll give a nice warm finish. If you don’t already have a restorer, I have it listed on my Everything in my Shop page and its the first two items. I use it on EVERYTHING! It offers an authentic look and feel and that’s the secret to my finishes.

  3. I have been getting into more and more wood working projects. However, my biggest problem is getting quality wood for my projects. It seems like you always have a great selection of wood and lumber in your shop. I wouldn’t be able to bulk order anything, but would like to find a place that isn’t what the big box stores offer.

    How do you find your lumber materials? Do you go through local venues or order from other regions?

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