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Join the Charcuterie movement

There is something magical how food has a way of bringing us all together, in every culture, holiday or not, we all gather when food is brought to the table. Not only has food become an art form, our table-top decor has also upped… Continue Reading “Join the Charcuterie movement”

Preparing for Seasonal Movement

How devastating is it when you pour your heart out on a build just to get that horrible and embarrassing call from a client telling you it warped? Or maybe it warped before even leaving the shop, “Sorry Karen, your project is being rebuilt… Continue Reading “Preparing for Seasonal Movement”

Get Jiggy

As a maker you tend to run into speed bumps often, you have two choices when that happens. Face it head on or solve the issue! If you’re like me, I just don’t have the time to face certain issues over and over again..… Continue Reading “Get Jiggy”

DIY Farmhouse Dining Table

We take all the guess-work out for you! We know you don’t have the time but we also know you DO have the skills to build with our DIY Plans. So make the time to either start a profitable side hustle or level up… Continue Reading “DIY Farmhouse Dining Table”

Is it Buff Enough?

It’s all about the end result! After all of your hard work with building or refinishing a gorgeous piece of furniture, don’t you want that premium look and feel? What’s the first thing your client does when you deliver the custom piece they ordered?… Continue Reading “Is it Buff Enough?”

Building a Tabletop

Let’s face it, woodworking is full of trial and errors. We can’t improve without failing, we can’t level up without a life lesson and we certainly can’t build a seamless table top until you’ve built it hundreds of times! I’m not going to tell… Continue Reading “Building a Tabletop”

How to Whitewash Furniture

Here’s our #1 requested finish! Impress your customers with this whitewash technique and turn your builds into art! *STAY IN THE KNOW & UP TO DATE WITH OUR CHANNELS: Material List

The Art of Spinning

No we’re not going to spin class, although I would love to try it! We are turning blocks of wood into bowls & bases, trying to get creative because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with one of these (wink, wink).

The Flower

What is it with these flowers and why am I so drawn to them? I know this isn’t something you see often from me but lets just say I have had a thing for this flower for many many years!

I Have a Surprising Confession..

Would you believe me if I told you this gorgeous Waterfall Live Edge coffee table was created to look like the real thing?

Meet Donnie!

What this brand is all about!


We finally dusted off the Scroll Saw and put it to good use for the holiday season! Whether you are a maker, hobbiest or just testing your skills, I assure you, YOU CAN DO IT!