Growing up I have many memories working alongside with my grandfather.  Whether we were painting, drawing or building… my grandfather paved a path that I continuously visited throughout my life. 

I remember building a birdhouse and being amazed that we could make something out of what felt like was nothing.  Pieces of scrap wood became valuable to me in an instant!

Fast forward nearly forty years and finding myself unemployed during the holiday season. While the kids were at school and my wife at work, I was alone.  Instead of drowning in my own sorrow, I did what every man would do.  I walked into the garage and began to make a mess.  I took apart old furniture and found myself recreating what I had envisioned.  Just like that, I was on the path my grandfather paved for me.  I continued to challenge myself with refurbishing furniture, then I put myself to the test and started from scratch. 

Designs by Donnie, was born in a garage, during what I had thought to be my lowest point in life.  Every day since then has been a training session for myself.  How do I do that? Is it sturdy enough? Will they like it? 

I am an artist at heart, which has enabled me to set the standards high with each piece I create.  It is more than furniture.  It’s a piece of art which families build memories around.  I build specific to your requests and designed for your home, therefore everything is one-of-a-kind.

-Donnie Galli

We often hear that we all carry a purpose; that we were all born with a gift.  This is a true testament of a man finding himself through tough times.  You are never too old to chase a dream!  If you can find purpose, happiness follows.  Happiness grew from what I had thought was failure.  I am a blessed man.  Providing for my family is number one and being blessed with a craft using my own hands makes every tear, every ER visit and every sore muscle worth it!

I thank you for allowing me the privilege to create something for your home.  Please continue to follow my journey and I hope to inspire anyone who may feel lost.  A path has been paved for you. You just have to allow yourself to find it and never give up!


Donnie Galli

PS Much love to my family for taking sacrifices with me as I continue to chase my dream, XOXO!

The Team

We are a husband and wife team working full-time together in Destin, Florida.  Donnie started this business in 2014 and worked tirelessly building a reputable brand with his bare hands which in return allowed his wife Jennifer to come aboard in 2019.

We met in 2001 at a local hangout in Destin and married in 2003, together we have three kids and hope to bring them aboard Designs by Donnie one day!

Not only are we the makers, we are social media influencers, video creators, the accountants, janitor etc..  Lets just say we do it ALL!  We hope you enjoy our journey as everyday is a different challenge, building this company together is more then just blood, sweat and tears.  It’s passion, it’s all for the love of creating art that families build memories around!

Meet The Galli’s! 😉