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There is something magical how food has a way of bringing us all together, in every culture, holiday or not, we all gather when food is brought to the table. Not only has food become an art form, our table-top decor has also upped the game! So even if you can’t spell charcuterie, you can at least make one!

I wanted to make this as simple as possible to show that anyone can do it, so you have no excuses!

  • Pick a Wood Species. I love white oak and had a piece laying around so I went with that, it does not have to be a hard wood since this isn’t meant to be used as a cutting board but we know that one person who’s going to take a sharp knife to it anyway. Now this is the only time I had to cheat and use machinery but it’s only because my piece of oak was in the raw, straight from a sawmill. The piece you buy will more then likely already be milled, so go easy on me!

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  • Sand. I used grit 100 – 180 – 220 and sanded on both sides and the edges. Pay close attention to your sander by keeping it flat to avoid any dips, we want our board to stay as flat as possible. I used a rotary sander, this sucker gives off some serious sanding power so you will be done before you know it!
  • Fill. I have to get a little fancy with my board due to all of the cracks and splits mine had, you may skip this step if you do not have this issue. Some use wood fillers or glue but I am going to use Epoxy since my cracks are fairly deep and this way I can add some color to my charcuterie. Be sure to read the directions well, use protective gear and be sure the area is well ventilated. I had to tape the backside of my board because that was how deep my splits were, so to prevent the resin from dripping through it, the tape will keep it where we want it to cure.
  • Sand Again. If you added resin, wait until it’s completely cured and then you will sand it all off. This is my favorite part! I love to see how the resin cured in the cracks, because of the color I went with my board now looks like it has streams of water running through it!
  • Treat. Now is the final reveal!! Watch your board come to life after applying food safe oil & wax. Be generous, wood is thirsty and no one wants a dried out board!

Pat yourself on the back, shoulder where ever you can reach! You did it! But here’s the hard part, ask yourself would you spend your own money on it? If you answered yes then it’s time to make some money from this simple craft!! Or imagine the gifts you can create! The possibilities become endless once you realize you can do it!


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