Get Jiggy

As a maker you tend to run into speed bumps often, you have two choices when that happens. Face it head on or solve the issue! If you’re like me, I just don’t have the time to face certain issues over and over again.. so lets go ahead and punch it in the face and solve that beast!

This particular jig is a bandsaw sled and has been an absolute NEED in my shop. I wanted a way to get a precision cut on large blocks for table bases. You can’t attach a table top to your base correctly unless the block is square, right?

Oh and that amazing wood you see above is Spalted Teak used for my handle and a Pecky Cypress block! Yes, it’s all drool worthy!!!

Using the Jig

If you have also ran into this issue, fear no more! I also made DIY Plans!

In this next video I will show you how I made this jig and how it works along with some amazing products I am lucky enough to work with, Enjoy!


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Trust me when I say, taking the time out of your busy schedule to make this will help you tremendously.

Below are few other jig ideas that continue to help me in my shop.

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