The Art of Spinning

No we’re not going to spin class, although I would love to try it! We are turning blocks of wood into bowls & bases, trying to get creative because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with one of these (wink, wink).

I remember ordering my lathe and the excitement I felt, the thought of having another direction for my brand kept me sleepless like a kid on Christmas Eve! I knew this was a game changer. The table bases, candlestick holders, bowls etc., my brain was working overtime with what I was going to create!

And then the lathe arrives, slightly intimidated but holding myself together because I am not wanting to do the whole adult thing like read the manual or assemble anything.. suck it up Donnie, you were lucky enough to buy one now you have to man up and learn stuff. Yes, that’s me giving myself a pep talk.

Here we are in the present day (maybe 2 years later), I’m not a pro by any means BUT I have been able to create some pretty amazing pieces!

You broaden your market as a woodworker when you invest in a lathe. Once you get to show off your turning skills, the quotes you offer your clientele will turn into your investment being paid off!

There are many lathe’s out there so choose wisely. Do your research, read the reviews and know your goal! Lathe’s also come in many sizes, so depending on what you want to achieve be sure its large enough to handle the job. I have the Grizzly G0766-22″x42″ which allows me to carve up to 22″ wide and 42″ long.

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You will need good turning tools as well because these chisels will be doing most of the work! Keep them sharp and have replacement inserts as a back up.

Don’t forget to protect yourself! Flying wood chips & shavings are not your friend. You also want to prevent blisters on your hands, holding onto those chisels will be a workout! Have a good pair of gloves too.

Carving bowls has become one of my favorite things about having a lathe!

I know I’m known for creating over the top pieces for giants but my love for making small items is more then just a crush, I wish all I made was small items!!

If you have been pondering the thought of owning a lathe, go for it! Level up your business and skill set and get to spinning!

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