The Flower

What is it with these flowers and why am I so drawn to them? I know this isn’t something you see often from me but lets just say I have had a thing for this flower for many many years!

The Primrose floral meaning is very special, it tells the receiver that you basically can’t live without them. I didn’t know this when I started scribbling these beauties on tabletops when I began woodworking but it makes sense to me now. I am an extremly passionate person with EVERYTHING! Passionate about my family, my work, even my daily chores!

Let me also add the passion you would have to have in order to paint with the technique I use.. with enough patience and a steady hand, I use stain to paint them. Every tabletop has to be in the raw while the layering begins and the flower takes its own shape. No stencils.


This is a set of 3 wall art I made for my wife which hangs in the entry of our home.

My wife is constantly pushing me to do more, maybe she’s right (this time, lol)!

This table is in The Henderson Resort where you will also find many other amazing original art pieces from local artists throughout the entire resort.

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