We finally dusted off the Scroll Saw and put it to good use for the holiday season! Whether you are a maker, hobbiest or just testing your skills, I assure you, YOU CAN DO IT!

Using a scroll saw is much like a sewing machine if you ask me only better as I don’t know how to sew clothing (yet, lol!).

So if you are looking to make a few extra bucks or want to make amazing gifts owning a scroll saw is the way to go! It’s not too big or messy and you don’t need to be a pro at woodworking. Of course it helps knowing a pro but trust me when I say, YOU CAN DO IT!

Material List

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We simply googled images for ideas and inspiration for our project, since the holidays were upon us it only seemed fitting to make a Christmas sign that would appeal to anyone.

Figure out the size sign you want to make and print out your design/letters to scale.

We are using MDF for the letters, mdf gives a nice finish in the end and its inexpensive but if you prefer using wood, go for it! Go ahead and adhere the letters, using a SPRAY ADHESIVE. Now its time for the fun!

Once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze! But don’t let that little blade fool you, use safety precautions and keep your eye on the prize!

Scrolling the single letters is ideal if it’s your first time, just make sure they aren’t too small. Ours were about 3″ tall. After thinking I was a pro when I completed the single letters, I tested my skills with the cursive words. Boy, that was tricky but just like anything YOU CAN DO IT!

Now that all of the scroll work is complete, it’s time to paint all of the pieces. My best advise here is to use spray paint, there are a lot of details in these little pieces that a paint brush can’t always reach.

While they are drying, it’s time to work on the backboard. We had dark walnut veneered plywood in the shop so we went with that and was very pleased with the outcome. Our board was cut to about 32″x 22″, we chose to go big!

We wanted to add texture to the backboard before painting it to add a little extra detail in the finish. This Porter Cable Restorer is the way to go, using the stainless steel wheel attachment will give the perfect reclaimed wood effect.

Now lets paint! Using chalk paint has many perks, it’s quick to dry and sands off easily which was the look we wanted to achieve.

Here comes the moment of truth! It’s time to set up your sign by putting the letters and other details into place. Use a strong adhesive, Starbond Adhesive for the win! Put your ruler to use because the last thing you want after all this hard work is a crooked letter or two!

This last step isn’t the easiest, to frame or not to frame is the question? Luckily I have Donnie’s expertise to get this part done, but if you can’t make this step happen, NO WORRIES! Just be sure to paint the sides and you can still achieve a premium look.

Before adding the frame, be sure to paint it first. I used the same color as the letters, which offered a simple and clean look! We then used Titebond wood glue and a finishing nail gun to secure the frame into place.

It’s almost complete! We like a nice gloss as a finishing touch and luckily we have a paint sprayer that didn’t break the bank. It’s worth having if you continue to create awesome projects!

Now that you’re super excited about the result of your masterpiece, don’t forget to add the hardware to the back! After all, who wouldn’t want this hung up in their home!

CONGRATULATIONS! Now you are officially addicted to created works of art! Spread the word via social media, open an Etsy page and make that money!



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